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Old North State Masonry LLC is a leader in the commercial masonry industry, based in the growing region of Charlotte, North Carolina.


Our core values; service, safety, quality, project excellence and client satisfaction, have led us through our 12 years of success.


We are founded on the belief that the service and quality of product our clients receive, as well as the safety and health of our workforce, is above all else.


Our hiring and training process has been created with the intention of building a team comprised of the industry's very best. Our standards of safety, quality and customer service are delivered from the field to the very top of the organization.  


Old North State Masonry strongly believes that safety is a non-negotiable aspect of our work. Our personnel are extensively trained in safety requirements and expectations from day one. 

Our firm is made up of professionals who have chosen the masonry industry as their life-long professional vocation. We strongly believe in the value of providing opportunities for training and advancement of our personnel, and that those opportunities result in excellence for our clients and our company. 

Our overall mission is to meet or surpass industry standards and deliver projects on time, while making a fair profit for our efforts.

Our Mission:
To be the best craftsmen, building excellence one brick at a time.
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